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Vacation Rentals in Glendale, AZ

We specialize in vacation rentals in Glendale, Arizona. We are committed to providing hospitality in the form of private rentals. If you need a work relocation rental, we accommodate the timeframe of your project with short-term and long-term rentals.

Work Relocation Rentals

Is your boss relocating you for a work project? Perhaps you have recently relocated to a new Glendale, AZ for a new job and are looking for temporary housing while you are looking for a permanent residence. Nomad Phoenix provides work relocation rentals for those in that situation because it can be challenging to find flexible housing.

Short or Long Term Rentals

We provide rentals for all sorts of occasions. Not only do we provide long-term rentals, but we also provide short-term rentals as well. Whether it’s for a vacation, being in town for a wedding, a new job, or even a temporary place to live while you wait on your home’s construction to finish, our short and long-term rentals can be useful for everyone.

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Our Featured Rentals

Private Glendale Guesthouse
From $ 133 /night
Loaded Golf Course Townhouse
From $ 131 /night
Glendale Glam House
From $ 224 /night

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